What People Are Saying

Nate Robinson – September 2016


Sold A Single Family Home In 2013 For Approximately $400K in Richmond Town, Staten Island, NY

My experience with Claire was pretty awesome!! She was highly recommended by a great friend. The first time I met her she was brutally honest about my house. I was a little taken back on the all the changing she wanted me to do in my house to get it ready to be put on the market. I did everything she said and within 2 months my house was sold. It was amazing!! She’s very pushy, very honest, very loyal and she goes that extra mile for you. She gets the job done !! She is someone I would recommend to everyone!! Im very happy I met Claire she turned out to be a special friend.

Bought A Single Family Home In 2013 In Woodrow, Staten Island, NY.

Claire assisted myself and my husband in finding a one-family home in Staten Island. She spent a great deal of time meeting with us, getting to know our likes/dislikes and analyzing which areas/property types would work best for us. She is truly a rare find in that she knows the landscape so well that she can eliminate “time-waster” showings in explaining flaws and potential post-closing issues that could arise with specific properties. Her negotiation skills are unparalleled and her responsiveness is impressive and insightful. What I valued most about Claire was her complete honesty and that she provided us with tons of valuable information needed in our decision-making process. She was truly looking out for our best interests and was not interested in a “quick sale.” I would highly recommend Claire to anyone who wishes to buy or sell in Staten Island.”
Kristin Palmeri

Sold A Single Family Home In 2005 For Approx $300K In Greenridge, Staten Island, NY.

Claire found a buyer and found us a new home in a short period of time. She is very knowledgeable in real estate and knows how to get your house sold quickly. I highly recommend her.
Regina Solina

Sold A Single Family Home In 2012 In Meiers Corners, Staten Island, NY.

My experience with Claire was fantastic. Claire was very professional yet very caring towards our needs. She and her people worked with us to ensure our time with her would be well worth it. Claire came to our home and did setups and advised us on how to make our home look more desirable. She is very knowledgeable on how things should be done. I would definitely recommend anyone who has a house to sell that they speak to Claire before they do anything else. Thank you Claire.
Luis Longueira

Bought A Single Family Home In 2011 For Approximately $400K In West Brighton, Staten Island, NY.

From the first time we met Claire, she was direct and honest. She worked with us each step of the way, answering questions, following up on places that interested us, making appointments, talking us through the frustrating aspects–making what is generally considered a very stressful and intimidating process, less so.

Sold A Single Family Home In 2012 For Approximately $375K In Grymes Hill, Staten Island, NY.

A real thrill to work with, Claire’s expertise was exactly what I needed to get my house sold . I would recommend her services to anyone. Her vast knowledge of the Staten Island real estate market, many credentials, and pleasant staff lead for a quick and painless sales process.

Sold A Townhouse Home In 2007 For Approximately $375K In Greenridge, Staten Island, NY.

Claire was our selling agent and the only reason she wasn’t our buying agent was because we were moving out of the area. Claire’s abilities far exceed any rating scale. Her knowledge of the market area was exceptional. Her expertise in the selling process was beyond our expectations. We were selling at a time when our area’s housing prices were falling at a greater rate than the area we were buying in, which was diminishing our buying power. Claire’s attention, courtesy, and devotion to our needs were greatly appreciated. She was always encouraging, and yes, she sold the house. Her negotiation skills were impeccable. There were some unexpected problems at the closing, but Claire intervened and made a difficult and long closing happen. We would without hesitation, recommend Claire to any of our friends or family.

Sold A Single Family Home In 2009 For Approximately $400K In Greenridge, Staten Island, NY.

Claire is an extremely hardworking, persistent , driven individual whom I am thrilled to have worked with in purchasing our home. Three years ago she sold our townhome extremely quickly and found us our families dream home which we just love. I highly recommend Claire Bisignano Chesnoff to be your realtor for life.
D Trischitta

Sold A Single Family Home In 2011 For Approximately $400K In Richmond Town, Staten Island, NY.

Claire was Claire & Associates was recommended to me by my lawyer. I did a phone interview with Claire. She explained her credentials, her approach and her philosophy. What she said made sense to me so we had her come to the house and give us an assessment. Once again, what she told us made sense to my husband and I, so we hired her to sell our house.

The first thing that she did was look through every room and made suggestions as to how to “stage” the house. This involved making some purchases, but the total cost was under $300 (and most of the stuff we liked so much we took it with us to our new home).

Most of the rooms in our house were completely carpeted and Claire wanted to see what the floors were like underneath. As it turned out we had hardwood floors. She convinced us to pull up the rug in one of the rooms so that prospective buyers could see how it looked. We decided to do it and although it was a bit of work it was worth it because the floor was very nice underneath (it had always been covered).

Once the house was staged properly Claire took many pictures to post on the MLS website. She is a member of the Staten Island and Brooklyn MLS.

Claire supervised the house showings and personally attended the house inspections (we had three).

She was always thorough, timely and easy to reach (by email or phone). All our interactions were positive (even though the potential buyers were causing all of us stress). I consider Claire a person who knows her business well. She is the total professional.

Selling Your Home Made Easy With Claire Properties

In July of 2010 it became necessary to sell the family home. My Mother had passed away and the house was too big for my brother alone plus I wanted to move him closer to my family in New Jersey. The lawyer for the estate gave us the name of a realtor and we went along with him and his agency. He came to the house, walked off the rooms for sizes, took four pictures of the outside of the house and left. He never returned to even place a sign on the property. I was kind of glad that he told us that nothing had to be done to the house and to just put it up on the market. My husband had just had hip replacement surgery and I really did not have time to fuss over the house. So the house was put on the market and we waited. In six months maybe 7 people came to see the house but no offers. When the agent called to get me to resign with him I told him I wanted to do some work on the house first.

In the spring I was finally able to get over to the house and decided we needed to paint the rooms downstairs just to freshen up the house. My brother was given the name of Claire Chesnoff so we made an appointment with her. I was immediately impressed with Claire the minute I met her. Her energy filled the entire room and I knew she would work hard for us to sell our home. After explaining what she would do for us she asked to be shown the house. Claire then walked through the house making suggestions on what we should do. Pull up the rugs, paint the bedrooms, take down the drapes, get new blinds etc. etc. I walked behind her with a pad taking notes. I remember thinking, here is an agent who cares. We spent the next two months doing what was suggested and then the hurricane hit and took off part of the roof. Living in New Jersey meant that I had no idea who I could trust or who would be able to come to repair the roof. I was besides myself but a call to Claire and a roofer was there almost immediately to put on a new roof. Claire was always there with suggestions and update. Finally the house could be put on the market and Harold showed up to take 24 pictures to place online. He also placed a beautiful sign on the front lawn and within two months we had a offer for 20 thousand less then our asking price. I was delighted but Claire said, “counter offer”. We did and sold our house for 5 thousand under the asking price.

When I think of the two experiences I had with realtors I am astounded at the difference between the two. Claire and her staff are caring, committed professionals who make it all too easy to sell in this market. Thank you all.
Georgette and John Adamcik.
Fort Wadsworth

Successful Estate Sale

In the spring of 2011, the need arose to sell my parent’s home. My father had passed away in March of that year, and my mother was in a nursing home and unlikely to return to her house because of her health condition. Ultimately, she passed away four months later. My wife and I contacted 3 real estate agents to interview.

One agent was from the neighborhood, but was retired and worked part time. The second agent suggested knocking down the house and selling it as two properties because of its large size. To us, this seemed unacceptable. I had watched that house being built and helped my father with the painting and plastering, so I wanted to sell this house to a caring owner.

The first two agents were rejected. Claire and her husband Harold were the third set of agents. They sat down with us, discussed the pluses and minuses of the house, the property, and the neighborhood. They looked at what needed to be repaired, how the house could be “staged”, and what price they thought could be commanded in the current market at that time. They brought in repairmen to paint and plaster. They took numerous pictures of the house and property to put on their website. They kept in constant communication about prospective offers and negotiating price with the buyers. They showed how to “de-clutter” the look of the house. They suggested people to get rid of whatever the family couldn’t use. They kept an eye on the house to keep it safe while it was vacant. Since we couldn’t always be there, Claire and Harold were present whenever workmen needed access to the house.

In these uncertain times in real estate, they made sure the buyers were qualified and went the extra mile to make sure the house went to closing. Not only did we sell a house thanks to Claire and Harold, but we’ve also made the acquaintance of two very nice Staten Islanders.
Richard and Arlene Norberg
Clove Lake, Staten Island, NY

Sold Home In Less Than 30 Days

Hi Claire,
I hope this finds you well.  I am writing to let you know how happy and satisfied I am with the service you provided in the sale of my home. From the time we first met, you were the consummate professional. You came to me fully prepared and laid out a strategy to sell my home and it worked. After languishing on the market for over year, you were able to sell my home in the month of December, a traditionally slow time of year.

I was also very impressed with your staff. Whenever I called your office, they knew who I was and were informed about my listing. From the professional recommendations you provided to assist me in moving and retaining legal counsel, this transaction went about as smooth as any home sale could have gone. I was very satisfied with your recommendations and would not hesitate to refer them to friends and colleagues. You were always available to take my call and, if I left you a voice mail, you responded promptly. Your advice and guidance were invaluable. I always felt you were on my side during this entire process and you gave me a feeling of utmost confidence. I cannot sing your praises enough.

Please feel free to have any potential clients call me for a reference. I would be more than happy to provide one.

Thank you again and it was a pleasure to have you as my real estate agent.
Audrey Tesora
Oakwood Heights

House Listed And Sold In 5 Days

After a very frustrating nine months with another broker a year earlier, who did very little to sell the property, we received a recommendation from a former client of Claire Properties who could not stop giving accolades about Claire and her husband Harold.

We interviewed Claire on July 23, 2011 to see if we could either sell or rent my mother’s house. At the time, we were in a very stressful situation with my mother who had a brain aneurism and was recovering from extensive surgery. Upon her arrival, Claire was prepared with comparables and a concise evaluation of the property. She then examined each room of the house and made detailed suggestions on how best to stage the home.  This process entailed removal of carpeting to expose the hardwood floors, removal of 72 family pictures from the walls, interior and exterior painting, purchase of sheer curtains, replacement of 10 light fixtures, and removal of certain furniture pieces. The dining room table was staged with fine china; kitchen cabinets and the remaining furniture were refreshed with lemon oil.

We agreed to sign the contract with Claire Properties and agreed to make the recommended changes. What surprised me the most was that Claire and her husband Harold assisted in this process of sprucing up the house. It took my family and I a full week, non-stop, to accomplish this. On August 1, 2011, Claire officially put the house on the market. An open house was held on August 6, 2011 and at about noon that day, Claire received an offer to purchase within the realm of the asking price. We were ecstatic and couldn’t believe that this was true, especially in a buyer’s market.

Claire oversaw the entire process and made certain that the buyer was engaged in the process. She was present for all the inspections and answered all the inquiries so as not to lose the deal.

Claire’s motto is “Your realtor for life”. After having experienced her proficiency, perseverance and professionalism, I would not ever consider using the services of another realtor.

Len, Mary, Caitlin, Steven and Laura Imperiale
Elm Park

Former FSBO, For Sale By Owner

Claire & Associates was recommended to me by my lawyer. I did a phone interview with Claire.  She explained her credentials, her approach and her philosophy.  What she said made sense to me so we had her come to the house and give us an assessment.  Once again, what she told us made sense to my husband and I, so we hired  her to sell our house. The first thing that she did was look through every room and made suggestions as to how to “stage” the house. This involved making some purchases, but the total cost was under $300 (and most of the stuff we liked so much we took it with us to our new home).Most of the rooms in our house were completely carpeted and Claire wanted to see what the floors were like underneath. As it turned out we had hardwood floors. She convinced us to pull up the rug in one of the rooms so that prospective buyers could see how it looked.  We decided to do it and although it was a bit of work it was worth it because the floor was very nice underneath (it had always been covered). Once the house was staged properly Claire took many pictures to post on the MLS website. She is a member of the Staten Island and Brooklyn MLS. Claire supervised the house showings and personally attended the house inspections (we had three).She was always thorough, timely and easy to reach (by email or phone). All our interactions were positive (even though the potential buyers were causing all of us stress). I consider Claire a person who knows her business well. She is the total professional.
Teri Faro,
Oakwood Heights

Relocation – Seller

Hi Claire, I want to thank you for all your help in selling our home in Staten Island, New York.  Your professionalism, experience, local contacts, enthusiasm, high energy, attention to detail, anticipating potential problem areas & offering good solutions made a high anxiety time flow easy.  I especially appreciate all your help since I was in Miami trying to sell a house on Staten Island!  You are one in a million!  Will you come to Miami to help me sell this house when we are ready to move?  It was a pleasure working with you.
Stephanie Farmer
Miami, Florida formerly of Westerleigh,
Staten Island, New York


We felt quite honored when Claire Chesnoff asked us to write a letter about our real estate experience with the sale and purchase of our homes.
Claire is highly motivated, very charismatic and has a terrific presence to her.  Most importantly she thinks critically, reasons well and has all the instincts of an excellent real estate agent.  When Lou and I decided to sell our 3,000 square foot custom built home, we had interviewed many Staten Island agents.  The decision to go with Claire was easy since she was very accommodating to our needs and requirements while all other Realtors tooK our requirements and swept them under the rug.
Her grace under pressure became apparent to us when we needed to sell our home in order to purchase a new one.  We were under a time constraint since it was January and we needed to sell our home and purchase a new home by September since our daughter was starting kindergarten.  We wanted a smooth transition; Nevertheless, Claire sold our home by March.
Our next obstacle was to find our family a new” perfect” home which we felt was almost impossible, but with Claire’s determination, insight and teachings of looking at the “big picture”, she found our new home.
We could continue with descriptions of Claire’s many other good qualities–her work ethic, her energy and her honesty.  Instead we would simply like to say that through this whole experience, we now call her our friend.
Angela and Louis Marsillo
Richmondtown, Staten Island, New York


Claire, I think about you often and feel so luck that I found you.  It was such a weight off finally getting our home sold!  Ed and I are really happy in the condo near our grandkids.
You made us feel like selling our house was your most important job.  You were always with suggestions for improvement, lots of open houses and assistance with the many needs that came up because we weren’t living in the house.  Your responsiveness was always quick and straight forward.  I wish I had you as my agent when I first listed the house and prices were higher because I certainly would be richer!!
Florence Ronca
Mount Kisco, New York,
formerly of Grymes Hill, Staten Island, New York


My name is Kevin Noone and when my mother-in-law died late last year in Saten Island, my wife and I were faced with the daunting task of preparing the house for sale from afar.  We live in Oregon.  I began by cold calling Realtors and interviewing them for suitability.  Given the state of the current real estate market, I was not very optimistic about being able to sell the house quickly.  Well, I’ll cut the story short.  Claire got involved in February of this year, she had the house prepped and listed by mid March, found a buyer, and brought the process to contract in April.  We are set with a closing date of June 19th.  I would not have thought it possible that we would be where we are today, and it would not have occurred without Claire’s efforts.
It was confusing and difficult, until we met Claire.  Claire took on the job of selling the house with a real gusto.  She is diligent and extremely hardworking.  There were of course some obstacles, as there usually are in such a situation, but Claire showed a great ability to assess and deal with the obstacles…her experience really came to the fore.  If you are considering hiring her for the sale of a property, I can personally attest to her skill and experience.  I can’t promise a lightning quick sale for you, but I can say with assurance that Claire would bring the same professional, results-oriented approach to your situation that she brought to ours.  I am happy to recommend her.
Kevin Noone
Ashland, Oregon


“When we put our condo on the market with Claire, it had already been listed for six months with another agent. Within one month, Claire had our place “SOLD” We were very impressed with Claire’s preparation. Claire is extremely proactive and responsive. When dealing in an extremely competitive environment like real estate, you definitely want a broker like Claire in your corner.”
Jonathon Marrow
New Springville


We had a special sales experience with Claire. She sold our home and we purchased another one she had listed. Claire was always professional, courteous, and always made herself available when we had any questions or concerns. Claire made the “buying and selling” experience a very pleasant one and is always highly recommended by us.”
Ray & Laura Chicoli


Integrity. Ability. Perseverance. This what you get with Claire and more. It’s a seriously bad market out there folks. You need someone who can deliver. Claire delivers. I can attest to her integrity. She does everything she says she will do. And I mean everything. She is prepared and has a broad knowledge base of the business. I felt so confident in her ability I didn’t worry (Okay, when she said she would sell the house in a couple of weeks I did wonder but only for a second). She sold the house just like she said. She demonstrates her ability in too many ways to write here. She knows what to do how to do it and she puts your mind at ease. Claire is focused on her clients and the task at hand. My mom is a lifelong resident and we are telling our neighbors and people we know on the Island she is the person to call. We are so happy we had Claire take care of the sale of the house our family lived in for over 50 years. Oh, by the way, the house was put on the market in September, we closed last week. Like I said, Claire delivers.
Linda Aagenas Koby
Manor Heights


You are to such a large degree responsible for enabling us to be here in North Carolina just when we wanted to, especially in these tough times in the housing market. It was such a pleasure to deal with bright and caring professionals in every sense of the word. You became our staging designers, friends and therapists, as needed. Please feel free to have any future clients contact us down here to talk about our experiences with your expertise and integrity in a field where those attributes are not always prevalent.
Karl and Eleanor Plofker


With the sale of our house complete, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the high level of professionalism with which you handled the entire transaction. From the very first time you met us at our home to discuss the process of selling, your experience and sense of confidence put us at ease and we knew we were making the right decision in putting ourselves in highly capable and competent hands.
Your attention to details and your prompt responses to our concerns as they arose and your handling of the many hassles were outstanding, even though these were outside your scope of your work and tasks with no compensation.
The fact that you were able to sell our home within six months in a downward spiraling market and to obtain a price reasonably close to our listed price is in itself a testimonial to your competency. Your genuine warmth and team work have deeply touched us. We wish you continued success.
Best wishes and Good luck,
Lakshmi Sridhar
Todt Hill